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Diary of a Samurai

the Diary of a samurai


Day 1, Tuesday

I am sitting here in Shogun Mayu's house. He has welcomed me greatly to his group of samurais. I am greatly honored. ever since I was a girl I dreamed of this. My brother, Noa, said I would never become a samurai, just because I am a girl. But girls are just as powerful. I mine as while tell you my story and who I am. My name is Keiko and I am 21 years old. I was born in Nara Japan. My father is a one of the greatest honorable samurais. I must go now Shogun mayu is coming . write more tomorrow

Day 2, Wednesday.

Wow! it is the greatest day ever! Shogun Mayu said I could join his training group! I start tommaorw at sunrise. My brother Noa is very upset, he should be he always made fun of me. " oh Keiko you would never ever make a good samurai!" I am very proud of myself. My father and I went to town and got some special Kimonos for battle. they are very pretty. I am using my father's armor and Katana sword and the wakizashi. they have this wave pattern to it. It has been passed down in three generations. Our family had a tea ceremony to celebrate my wonderful honor. I got to host it also. I was very proud. tomorrow we will start with combat training. We will practice hitting bamboo swords and fighting. my father said that the shogun will hit us many times to learn awareness. I am ok with it. I am a samurai now! then we will do mental training by meditating in the beautiful Zen garden. I am not sure what we are doing after those. After my training I will write. I am going to have to stay in the camp we have a special building with many rooms. my neighbor who is living in my room with me is Rio. she sounds very familiar. perhaps a old childhood friend? I must go to bed now I need my rest.

Day 3 Thursday.

today was a VERY tiring day. We worked hard. Rio is not a childhood friend. she is from a city called Nagasaki. I have never in my life herd of a city like that! Rio says it is a farm town and her family is famous for their sweet rice. yummy sweet rice! for dinner we had teriyaki beef over stemmed rice. not as good as mothers. I miss my family at home. I feel very lonely here. But I should explain my training today. we did the combat training. my father was right we get hit a lot! We did a lot of moves like right swing or left swing. we also learned the combat basics. then I learned the formal tea ceremony. well I am very tired so I must sleep I will write when I can.

Day 4 Friday

I am all dressed for my Shoguns tea ceremony I am hosting. I am very nervous what if I mess up? hopefully I can do well. Write later.

Later of day 4..

Oh my!! Shogun mayu fell to a coma or passed out or something!! I was just serving the Tea when I saw him fall over. I ran over to him and asked for Rio to go get the doctor. he is in the hospital resting. Rio says he may or may not be ok. I am very scared. Hopefully this is just a sleep or flu thing.

Day 5 Saturday

I have the saddest new I could tell you. Shogun Mayu has died. All of the officials are ordering us to Do seppuku. I don't want to do it. I know it is very honorable but I Rather live and get married! This is a big problem! I went to go tell my parents the news. they say I must keep honor in our family, and I can't disgrace the hisheo name. My mind is all over! I am going to go meditate in the garden.

Day 6, Sunday

Rio was the first do seppuku today. she did it with no problem. It was very sad to see her do that, be told by 2 men that we can kill ourselves! my parents are not supportive of my reasoning, only my friend, Saki. We think we may run away. It is the only way. I am packing my silk bag right now I carry only 2 kimonos and some food and my precious diary. I tried talking to one of the officials, Ume, he said I am very disgracable person. I am going to drink a cup of tea and get Saki and leave Mayu samurai camp. I worked so hard to get nowhere. I will write as soon as we are safe.

Day 7, Monday

We are out! We are in the woods outside of Nara we going to find Nagasaki. We have no clue where we are going. We see a trading post, I think it is Yoshi Trading post. Saki is sleeping while I keep watch for guards. Oh no! I hear footsteps! I must do what we practiced write later.

Later.. We are safe we found a home in yoshi trading post. we are going to stay here until the next caravan comes. this is my last sheet of paper. so I guess this is a good bye. Don't worry about us, we will be safe. We bought some more food. well goodbye!


*Jessica was Diagnosed with cancer this is Mid-book*

I held my white hosipital bag,it heald my diary and all the things my dad brought for me. When we got to the entrence our familys Van the sun felt warm on my pale cold skin. It felt great to be outside,I wanted ot run and jump and skip but I could hardly walk. When I got home and sat on my bed it felt amazing to be back everything felt so werid to look at. My cat Moshi came and sat on my bed. I stroked her fur and said “ did you miss me?” a meow was all I got,”I’ll take that as a yes!” Cole stepped in “ mom says it is time to eat.” “ tell her I don’t wanna eat” That was the last thing I wanted to do,my stomach felt heavy and nauseaos. “ Jessica, are you Okay?” His innocent 7 year old face made me smile, “ yes I will be okay. Don’t worry.” I said with a smile and I actually believed it. After he told my mom my mom came running ot my room,” are you Okay? Does everything feel okay?” “ yes mom,I’m fine! I just don’t want to eat..” At that moment I threw up in the bucket beside my bed. She grabbed her cell phone to call Dr. Drake.


I'm writing a NEW book, it will be a book filled with YOUR stories.

requirements(not to strict im sure u can handle it Smile )

. Needs to be a story of Your point of view being sick and all that stuff,so it fits the book.
. Message me or comment if you want to be in it. I need to make a list and plan.
. I don't want to be strict with deadlines or anything but i would love for this to get published by june.

Imnto trying to be mean or anything lol just want to lay down stuff so idont have ppl sending in a story about bob a fish who likes tacos andthey give it to me in december. lol anyways comment or msg me if u wantto be in it!

Running for love

I was always healthy as a child,hardly sick always on my feet. Track was my life everything I did in life was about track. I was running in the countys track champioships when Coach Dave came to me,” Nick, you want to run the 100 Yard dash?” I instantly jumped up I’ve been training for this. As I was running with all my strength right around the 20 yard mark I started feeling funny. I didn’t rember anything till I woke up it was dim wherever I was. My arm was stinging, I looked down I saw a mess of tape and tubes. I saw someone get up by me. I turned my head who is that? I was wondering. I saw the man and a young doctor come in. the Man was my dad, my dad hasn’t been part of my life for the past 3 years so I was taken back by this. He sat down and startd looking at his golf magazine. The doctor came and patted my leg as if I would break if she patted me harder. “ Nick, You are very sick.” She said in a smooth velvet voice. “ well I can just take a pill and go back to track right?” I said in a shakey voice, I didn’t realize how weak I really was.” No Nick you can’t im truly sorry to say but you have ALL leukemia.” Her and my father left while my hysterical mother came in. she was hugging me tight. It didn’t hit me that I had cancer until that night I sat in the hosipital bed crying and crying, my mom tried to comfort me but nothing could I was scared.


It was a warm sunny day. I was enjoying a dinner at my church; little did I know it would change my life. In March 2009, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease is an auto-immune disease that attacks my Digestive system. There is no cure, only medicine that can help you. And sometime that can be like taking air. Some meds have to be infused. I’m on an infusion every 8 weeks called Remicade. Diagnosing me was hard; my problems were always acid reflux or Celiac disease. When I got admitted my first time my gastroenterologist did a lot of testing. My biopsies came back benign but they saw I had Crohn’s. I didn’t really know how to react

I had a tough year last year. I was sick and constantly in the hospital. One of the things that helped me was starbright world. Starbright world is a social-networking site for teens with cronic and serious illnesses. I felt alone like I was the only on going through this all. But on starbright I knew I wasn’t. I have made some Great friends on starbright that has helped me a lot.

The worst time for me was on my birthday. I was having an awesome day but after my dinner my stomach hurt really badly. The only thing was that I wasn’t getting better. Nothing was helping me; I was barely eating and just couldn’t go to school. I was put on homeschool. On November 13, 2009 I had surgery. I was stuck in ICU for 5 days on oxygen and a feeding tube. I really don’t like the feeding tubes they hurt and just uncomfortable. I don’t remember a whole lot after my surgery. It was a scary time.

I was pretty much healthy until around March then My Crohn’s flared up again. I had to go back on homeschool again because I was way too far behind. It was really tough because this was after I came to Will Rogers and I had made a lot of friends. I don’t really tell people because then they treat me different after they know. So it was hard leaving. But I eventually got better afterwards.
During the summer I attended Camp Oasis. Camp Oasis is a camp for kids with Crohn’s and UC. It was amazing there. I had so much fun just being with other kids my age who understood when I mentioned a test or a medicine and they didn’t look at me weird. My favorite thing is swimming, and at camp they have a Shamu (from sea world) shaped pool. I also liked the Woodshop. I kind of got homesick but my mom wrote to me every day she could and that made me happy.

Before my Crohn’s I didn’t really think about what I wanted to do. But after I wanted to be a pediatric gastroenterologist. There are not that much peds GIs in northern California. I want to find a cure for Crohn’s so not only me but the other thousands and hundreds of people can live life normally.

My family has been great through this all. My mom is awesome she stays with me in the hospital. She is like supermom she can take care of her family and me. All in all maybe one day there can be a cure from this terrible disease.


this is maybe a song possibly just a long poem? idk.

Why everyday children starve?
why do people take away innocent humen lives?
why do people fight just to live one more day?

(chrus thigny) Hope is what gets them through.Hope for food,a cure,life. Just hold onto hope.

why do people make people feel like there dirt and worthless?
why do people shatter other people lives?
Why must people be so cruel?

{same things as the chorus tihngy}

People fight to everyday to live. Just one thing to remember is hope. hope for a better day.

Excerpt of my Esaay

It was the 1936 Summer Olympics Held in germany. People poured in from all corners of the world. The one thing these people didn’t see was the hate.By this time Adolf Hitler has started “cleaning out” of not just the jewish but anyone who wasn’t Blond hair blue eyed,Germen decent. Anne frank’s Family was a germen Jewish family. Although they were germen that didn’t matter. Hitler was a man of power,He basicly had your life resting in his hands. When he fough in WW1,He was temporarly blinded by Mustard gas. This was a major turning point for him,he “needed to save germany” and although he wasn’t germen himself He was a Strong germen patriot.

Writers chat

Code blue:

*this isnt for anyone in particulr*

Code blue:

code blue,another one earned there wings. another's parents stung with pain.Docotrs fought like a true soldier.Oxygen in nose,you smiled.smiled like the didn't deserve to be sick,but you fought this illness with your greatest wepons hope and god. Say hi to god for me,we will miss you.

Poem about Anne Fank

I am Anne Frank, A Jewish, and smart young girl.
I hear Sorrow, children crying People dying, screams of terror.
I see Hunger.hate, love and hope.
I say things I shouldn’t, Good things as well as bad.
I cry at the hate, cry at the sorrow, cry when Mum makes me feel down.
I pretend I’m happy with a smiling Mask, I pretend there words don’t hurt, I pretend I’m perfect.

I am Anne frank, a teenager, Eager to learn young girl.
I want freedom, to feel the cool summer breeze on my neck.
I need Love, a mum, and a girlfriend to hang out with.
I hope I can leave the annex soon that the war will end soon.
I fear I will die, I wont see the end of the war, and that we cling onto hope for nothing.

I am Anne Frank, An intelligent, Talented, young girl.
I feel lonely, guilty that I shall live while others suffer, but happy while I’m with peter.
I try to be good, say kind things, and be respectful.
I wonder if peter loves me, if this war will ever end, if lies is okay.
I dream the day we leave, that peter will love me.
I believe, that all people are good, this war will end.
I am Anne frank a Jewish young smart girl.

Excerpt of Walking in Dust.

looked down at my plate as my rusty fork clanked against my plate. “Kyle what is wrong?”
“What is wrong? Seriously pop i’m eating processed mush! I’m so tired of this dad. Life is getting harder and harder.” “Son, I know. But we need to make the best of it. “Yea dad whatever.” As I laid down the scratchy cot that laid in my family’s shack I thought about that book that a trader Ol’ Jim was talking about. He said it was located in the DC ruins, and that this book could change everyone’s life. I sat up in my cot, I look at ma and pop and Taylor sleeping. Could I really leave them? I stood up, my cot squeaking as I did I froze. I didn’t want to wake them up. I slowly walked to our “Kitchen” and I picked up a brown dust bag. I threw in a plate and silverware along with my old Johnny Rocket mug from when I was 6. I then went to the old cupboard; it creaked as I opened it. I kept panicking that my parents or Taylor would wake up. I looked inside and I grabbed my jacket and a few other things. I stepped outside, It was pitch black the only I could see besides my flashlight and out shack was the city, Paradise falls. I’ve never been there ma always said that it is no place fit for a kid like me. Well I was about so show her. I looked down the small hill we lived on to the cracked and broken streets, I figured I would be there by sun up. When I finally got to Paradise falls it was about 6 AM, I saw an old man walking along the streets with a pistol. I couldn’t decide if I should approach him. I finally got the nerve I figure if he shot me then I don’t have to make that long walk to DC. I walked towards him when all of a sudden he turned around; his face was covered in wrinkles. He looked very old “Uh sir I need some help. Can you help me?” “Uh what? Hey you there! It isn’t safe to be here. What are you doing here?” he said in an old worn out voice. “Uh well sir I just came form that shack” I said as I pointed to where our little shack is, It looked like a dot form down here. “That old shack? It’s been abandon for years! Now tell me the truth. Are one of them raiders of the wasteland?” “No sir. It hasn’t been me and my family has been living there since I was born. Now I need you to tell me how to get to DC.” “DC? Now why would you want to go there? All it is ruins. Sure there’s a couple of old’ buildings but nothing excited now Vegas is where it is at!” Now I had enough teaching from Wonderers that Vegas was completely bombed and there was nothing, except for a few Raiders camps. “Sir just tells me is there anyone here in town that can help me?” “Oh yes. Go see Sue Black.” Glad that was, I walked towards the Saloon. As I walked in I got a huge whiff of Whiskey and smoke, I nearly gagged. I walked in towards the young girl who was serving drinks. “Well now that is something I don’t see every day. A new face. Where’d u come from?” “Uhh from that shack up on the hill.” I replied. “Ah… that dumps. Now you’re a little young to drink. Now I guess that isn’t my business.” She mumbled under her breath. “I’m not here to drink, although that would be interesting. I said hoping she would get the humor. “I need to find Sue black. Like now.”

3 Part story

I'm just gonna do a background on this trilogy no excerpts yet.

First book:

Title: i don't know yet :P

this is going to be a diary of a young 13 year old girl ( Brooke) whos family is a average family. Her father is a simple buiness man. her mom a stay home mom. the thing with America although this diary takes place in the 21st century, the world is very old-fashioned while high tech at the same time. Yeah that didnt make sense to me either. but basicly what that means, is the US is still in a 50's type mode,But at the same time these people are gonna be more High-tech then we are now. there is going to be discoverys i dont even know if are possible. But back to the point,it is just a diary of a girl. It is going to be about her secret crush, and all the feelings she has after the nuclear bombing.

Second Book:
Title: Walking in the dust
this is about a boy,Kyle, who lives 100 years after brookes diary. He is going on a long journey to Washington DC, to find this book that can change life and make it easier after a nuclear war. He meets friends enemys etc.

third book:
TITLE: finding hope.

This i cant say much because it will ruin the second book. but it is about getting the book and finding it :P