Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Ainsi sera, groigne qui groigne" That is all i have to say =P

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Project 365

You're probably asking"What is project 365?" It's a new project of mine(that i invite you to partake in) where i write a story(short) everyday for a year. So i'm starting this tomarow July 22,2011 and it will finish July 22,2012. :) Let the writing begin! XD

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

list =)

1. Get a book published

2. Travel the world

3. Go to London

4. Spread as much awareness about crohn's as possible.

5. Find a link to a cure for crohn's

6. To swim with Dolphins

7. To be a role model for someone.

8. To go on a cruise

9.Go to all 50 states

10.DONE To have a total spa day,complete with getting my hair done,mani/pedi.

11.To touch all of the oceans.

12.Ride through a Jungle on a elephant


14. Go to a country and Live like them.

15.Scuba dive in the great barrier

16.Try to surf.

17.Swim in the Nile River

18.Stand on a Glacier.

19.Bathe in the Ganges river.

20.Partake in a Japanese tea ceremony.

21.Have a family(sorta obvious haha)

22. Watch a Space shuttle launch.

23.See the Grand Canyon.

24.Go Horseback riding on the shore of a beach.

25.Learn how to fence.

26. Learn ASL

27DONE.Compose and record a song(even if it isn't good :)

28.Go on a helicopter ride.

29.Go in a glass boat.

30.See the Titanic from a submarine.

31.Witness the northern Lights.

32. Visit Mount Rushmore.

33.Visit the holy land.

34.Make a Candle.

35. Become a more postive person.

36.Be interviewed on TV.

37. Go on American Idol for the heck of it(I have no intentions of making a singing career)

38. Have my blog be famous and inspire people. :)

39.See a Panda

40.Ride a camel through the Sahara desert.

41.Attend a Mass directed by the Pope.

42.Learn to forgive and let things go.

43.Attend the Opening ceremony of the olympics.

44.Go to Times square On New years Eve.

45.Go stargazing.

46.Make a time capsule.

47.Go Glow-bowling.

48.Play Laser Tag.

49.Collect fireflies.

50.Hot Air balloon ride

So every once in a while,I'll come back to this and update it with more or mark the ones i have done. =)