Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 18~10 things that irritate me

ooooh this is gonna be fun to write haha Please know this is not about anyone,just stuff that can etither Irritate me a lot or a little XD

1.The teen girls who post pictures on facebook with the caption of"Ugh why did i upload this!? I look SO ugly." Seriously? If you really thought you were ugly you wouldn't have uploaded the pic,duh!

2. People who seek attention. This is gonna sound really mean of me,please no I'm not mean ok? I mean like the people who fake there illnesses. I'm talking like those past few news articles( I'm talking about this one,this one only too) It's like "alright so you'r gonna fake having cancer..Alright so amazing of you isn't it?" Really wrong to do it..

3. People who SMACK there gum. Ugh.

4. Those who post the constant "FML" statuses. For example

Monday:"FML I failed math."
Tuesday:"FML I lost my phone."
Wednsday:"Hurt my ankle,FML"
See why it's annoying? I mean we all have bad days,it's okay to Post FML every once in a while,but everyday and like 30 times a day? You should just talk to a friend,facebook isn't good at advice. XD

5. People who steal my writings. There is a reason why I didn't share my writings for years. People who steal them!! And here is my on the spot letter to them:
Dear people,
Please don't steal my writings. I can help you write,but stealing my stuff Will only get you reported to the copyright infringement company(if it's copyrighted work) and on my no-likey list. So please don't steal,contact me to help instead!
Love always,Nichelle.

6. Those one facebook who post like this:
Monday(in a relationship):"Oh i love you so much --------"
Tuesday(It's complicated):"Why does he always does this? FML"
Wensday(Single): Boy suck,who needs them?
Thursday(in a relationship with the same boy):"oh my gawd I'm in loveee!)

yeah. Nuff said.

7. Bullys. My letter to them:

You suck. Please be nice.

8.(Almost there haha tired of my ranting yet?) POLITICS!! It irritates me beyond belief.

9. How hateful people are to the following:
LGBT community
etc.etc. My message? Shut up and get a life and stop hating. Be nice,it gets you far. It realllly does.

10(done!) K...prepare yourself..Ready? People are our loud when my head hurts and i tell them to please be quiet. ta-da!

Hope i entertained you all.

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