Tuesday, January 17, 2012


"Remember yet?" I asked,although I knew the answer.

Matt's Face scrunched up in a scowl,"I'm-i'm sorry." I threw myself against the brown leather chair,Looking into his Chocolate brown eyes.

"I'm sorry,I want to remember. I really do." He said quietly. Tears rolled down my face,and i got up to leave the room. "Goodbye Matt." I walked away from my only hope in this chaotic world.

The dreaded events played over in my mind as i walked down the hospital hall for the last time.
Matt Hitting the tree on his way home from my house,him facing death but coming back ,then the worst event..Him forgetting everything in the last 3 years. Including our 2 year relationship.
I sighed as I plopped down on a bench in the lobby and cried.

2 years later.

Seeing him again made my heart leap. "matt!" I ran into his arms. I could stay in his arms forever if it wasnt for the tug on my shirt.
"oh,Matt this is Kelly." I said as i nudged my daughter to him.
He flashed his famous smile that made my whole world stop,"Hi there!" Kelly said then running off to play in the sandbox.

He turned to me quietly" She look's just like you.."

I nodded.

Matt looked away,"I-i've missed you."
"Yeah? How can you miss something you don't even remember." I muttered,as bitter tears came to my eyes.

"I can. i can remember it all. We had our first date on the Pier,eating nachos and gulping down Mountain dew. right?" He said excitedly,but still nervous.

I breathed,"Please matt..The doctors said it wasn't possible."
"But please,liz. I can,I can prove it to you." He face scrunched up in that scowl that i left 2 years ago.

I grabbed Kelly and carried her to my car. "i'm so sorry matt,but I-I'm not sure if i could do it..I love you though."

I left the man i loved with tears streaming down his face..
10 Years later..

I turned the manilla evenlope in my hands as the Front desk secetary paged him.

He came out of the elevator with the same brown wavy hair I have.

"matt? Matthew Adkins right?" I said,my voice shaking.

"yeah." I ran up to him and hugged him.

"Dad!" I backed away and handed him the evenlope,"I'm Kelly. This is from my mom."

I saw his face transform from confusion to pain to just tears spilling down while He read my mothers letter;


If you are reading this it mean I am gone. I know i left a lot of pain when i last saw you,but I couldn't let you deal with my death. You see,I was diagnosed with a rare brain condition shortly after Kelly was born. I was given just a few short years and When we met again I promised myself that Our love was forgotten. But truth is,It wasnt. Kelly will live with her Aunt untill she is 13,after that It is your choice If you would like to take her in. Her father left before she was born,But i have always said you are her father. Please forgive me for my choices,poor or not.

Love forever,

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