Saturday, August 27, 2011

Walking in dust..sneak peak

*Kyle and Becky has made progress on there adventure to DC and have reached a small settlement with a Similator..the run into some issues when they step in....*

Ahead of me stood a long chamber. Me and becky squeezed into it,our arms touching. I’m not sure why,but my hear flutterd as we touched. “oh um sorry.” I mutterd. I could feel my cheaks flaming. “ hey wait’s this button?” becky asked. As soon as she pressed it, I felt cold. Very cold. I stumbled to my feet.this white powder coverd my boots. I touched it,it was cold. I looked around everywhere was coverd with it,but wait. This wasn’t the desert we were walking in. “Becky!” I yelled out. “ yeah?” she asked in a strained voice. “where are we?” becky asked. “Why your In New York sill!” a deep voice said. In front of me stood a tall young man. “ New york?” I asked. “ yes, c’mon now grab your guns and come out with me. We are about to ambush the chineese.” Chineese? Guns? It all came to me. There wasa a battle here back during the nuclear war. “my god… we are about to get nuked.” I said. “ What the heck is going on? Are we like fighing in some battle!?” becky said.” Uh,kinda? I believe we are in a simulation of the battle of Aburn.” I said. “ C’mon! Hurry!.” The man yelled to us. I wrapped my long fingers around a gun. My heart raced my breathing shallow. I promised to the god myself whoever that I would never kill another man,yet here I was again. The world spun around me,my breathe froze. “ lad,are you okay?” the man asked. “ I’m..i’m not sure.” I said. “ the name is Bryan. C’mon now. Whats your name?” “ Kyle,this here is my friend Becky. I cant fight,please.” I said with pleading eyes.” Neither can she.” I added. “ No excuses! Both of you go the the start of the trench.” A general orderd. My feet were cold soaked with this white stuff. “ what is this?” I questioned myself. Bryan looked at me with a puzzled look,” that there is snow.” I leaned against the trench wall. It felt cold against my back,the other soilders look not to older then me. Becky crouched on the snow,Her face determined. “ don’t worry Kyle. We are gonna win. The chineese arnt expecting this.” Bryan said in a voice I assume he wasn’t sure either. I already knew the outcome though,and it wasn’t good. We would all die from either the bombs itself or the painful death of radioactive poisoning. I wanted to tell them it that this was all a bad idea,but I knew they woldnt listen. “becky,you need to stay away from that bridege got it? You NEED to.” “why?” her voice shivering in the cold. “ I cant tell you now. But just trust me.” ‘GO!” the gerneral orderd. The men started running,I did too. My boots crunching the snow and ice. The wind biting at my nose. I slouched against the side of a tunnel. The wood back gave away,My body tumbling with it. “becky! In hear! You’ll be safe.” She ran in,then I blocked the entrence with a metal box. “ c’mon over here.” I whisperd. I felt guilty doing this,im making the rest die while we live But I cant die. I wont,I’m on a mission. We huddled against a Metal case and a wood board. I put my hands over my ears,as I glanced at the clock. 8:32,2 more minuts till the first bomb will drop on the White house,which ment 3 more minutes till the bombs droped nation wide. 300 Chineese Millitary planes will fly overhead,like the angel of death. Taking peoples lives like it is a magent. 8:34,the president is dead,the nation is in a crisis. A flash of light shone through the cracks of the metal box,the earth shoke. A loud roar ran through the earth,through our ears. It shoke so bad I couldn’t scream. I wanted to cry I wanted to scream. So this is what all the millions of people who died felt like,there last few moments were filled with fear. Terror. My mind raced,I glanced over at becky. Her face was white as the snow outside. Finally the shaking stopped. I raced over to becky,”are you okay?” “ uh.i..” she burst into tears. “ don’t worry,we gotta get get out though before we die of of radioactive poisioing.” I looked around the room,in the small area I saw the same long tube we came here in. “ come on!.” I helped Becky up,my legs felt like Jelly. My knees collapsed under me. Thud,I felt my head hit on the cement ground. “ Are you okay?” Becky asked helping me up. “ yeah,I think so.”

this was part of a prompt i was may seem boring becuase this isn't done either(i started like 5 stories and never finished it)..but hope you enjoy anyways :)

Day 1:

My name is Annika Miller and I am 13 years old. I live in a small villiage in Zambia. No im not Zambian,I’m acutally American. Correction:No By American standards im NOT American,I was born in Hong Kong.But I’m white and everything. My parents are missionarys for our church,That I’ve never been too,Back in New york. I have a older brother named Kyle,he’s 19 and he was born in Rome,Italy, and a little sister named Clair,shes 7 and was born in New york. I’ve been to America maybe 2 times? We have been in Zambia for one year. It’s hot and sticky here,I wish we could move but dad said not anytime soon. I gotta go to dinner call(I’ll tell you about that later!)


Day 2:

So I guess I will start off and tell you about Dinner call. At 5 every evening we eat dinner,Not anything fancy,Just food. My friend,Belle,and I went to climb the hills behind the villiage. It was the weirdest thing,we got up about half way up and it started pouring..although that itsn’t the werid part..we saw a man staring at werid! I was drenched and my boots stuck in the mud back at the villiage. Mom was really mad that I ruined my brand new boots. Dad just gave me one of those stern preaches. Kyle and I went picking fruits in the villiage garden. Kyle didn’t say much..he felt bad I got in trouble considering he lost his boots a week ago and have yet to tell anyone.


Random short story-not done-

I sat in the back of the familys small little White van,lisening to dad go on and on about the familys history. I was on my way to Aunt Milli,shes really mu great aunt. She lived 2 hours from the biggest city,St.Louis,which is quite a fre hours from our home in Miami Florida.

“Son,our names connor has been in the family since your great grandpa!...” My dad said as he trailed off into random family facts about how our family has been living in Aunt milli’s house since before the civil war. We drove along a bumpy gravel road intertwining with trees. My dad braked and yelled in a cheerful voice,”We’re here!”

I stepped out,My Blue backpack hanged on my shoulder. The house was creepy looking,Large plants along the porch,chipped paint. It looked like it was haunted.

“My goodness! Look at you connor!.” I Herd a old lady cry. It was my aunt milli. I hugged her quickly,then she left with my luggage. My dad bent down to my level,and said in a soft voice. “Now son,be good this summer,as soon as we get to Germany we will call you okay?”

Tears stung my eyes,”Dad,mom! Don’t leaveee!” I cried.

“Connor,you could have went to Camp Mohawk this summer but you said no.” My mom said. It was true,I could have went but I didn’t want to deal with Paul one of the kids there. He always made fun of me cause I was chubbier then everyone else.

I cried and ran into the dark,cool house. I went into a random room,which looked like a office. I slouched against the door and cried. Suddenly,a book probably my age popped up behind a bookcase.

“Who are YOU?” he asked.

“Wha-huh? I..I’m Connor.” I stammerd.

“Hiya connor. Your aunt millie told me about you coming. I’m Josh! She took me in a few months ago after my parents split and left for England.”

Friday, August 5, 2011

A dream come trueee!

We are back!! The trip was just amazing from start to finish so lest start at the begining of the trip :)

DAY ONE:Day started bright and early at 3:00 AM! we were all very anxious to get to the Limo and get on the plane. The limo arrived and we drove in style :) It was a long day with secruity lines and the flight but we got to Dulles about 6:30 on the road at 7(rental car.) We got lost on the way To DC,of course XD haha. We checked in and guess what? We were treated like VIP! like they were expecting us and everything. :D We then went and attempted to find somewhere to eat found a subway and called it a night.

DAY TWO:Our day started early by WALKING to Madame Tussaud's musuem..such a long walk in the humid weather they have.We then went to Ford's theater. Such a amazing site,so Earie though. Lunch involed Hard Rock,and we watched Taylor's Opening band,Hunter Hays,Perform. Our Mid-Atlantic Wish person met us at the Hotel to drive us in the Limo to Clyde's for a early dinner. They were really good! We then walked to Verizon..yes more walking this time wasn't as much XD We had some Major issues with tickets that wasn't so Major afterwards but it cut our meet and greet short and just the fact we were with contest winner -_____________- BUT! We met Taylor Swift! She was reallllly cool,and totally nice. It was short,but amazing. She is super cool too! We then watched the concert and let me say! SHE is AMAZING,okay i'm sure you knew that but her concerts are just SO cool. Then we drove back to the hotel after the exciting night :D

DAY THREE:I'm getting tired so this is short and sweet and will be more dtaild but it involve..walking in the capitol mall getting soaked and Arlington..

Continued:So we started our morning by going to Arlington..that was quite the adventure. It was SUPER humid that day
so we were all hot but it was just crazy being there. We saw JFK's Grave,The tomb of the unknown Soldier, and Misc. graves and memorials. After that we Drove to Maryland for lunch at Bugaboo creek. They were pretty good(totally forgot what i got o.o) We were gonna go to American History Museum but we ran out of time. So we wnt to out hotel and rested untill like 6 when we left to go to Captiol Mall. It was really cool being there and then it started pouring! haha it was actually nice though becuase it was really humid before. Then we got straned with No cab to go home in and i was starting to feel sick so that was interesting(we needed a Van cab which is not exactly easy to get) a hour later we got one though and went back to the hotel to pack and shower!

DAY 4:this is short..last day long flight..lost baggage..ya know the usual ;) haha we did get Anna's carseat back(went on wrong plane in LAX go figure:P )

das ist alles!

It was really amazing trip,It was just SO cool to be in DC and i love it there..even if it is humid. ;)
NOW for the long list of thank yous and words i should have said to Taylor swift but Really didn't get the chance..maybe she will see this? Maybe..ya never know. :) Ready? Set..GO!

OKAY so i want to say thank you to:Make A wish for even making this happen,without them this wouldn't have happend,of course my Parents for coming,Mah docs for doing the paperwork,and Taylor swift for meeting me!

Kind words to Taylor that may Reach her in time!:I know i told you Thank you like 6 Billion times,but once again..Thank ya! It was amazing to meet you,and truly a dream come true. And maybe when i become a Jornilist i can do like a Interview on you or something of that sort! Now that would be totally Boss!! Anyways back on track,You are so cool and like I said it was a dream come true to Meet you and i will forever remember that moment when I met you,the Same person who i would listen to while i was in the Hospital,the same person who i remember watching a Documentary about. And I am truely gratful that you took the time to meet me!PS:I was enchanted to meet you Taylor ;)

BAM! that was a long post :) okay that is really all! haha

PS:You should listen to this ;)