Saturday, August 27, 2011

this was part of a prompt i was may seem boring becuase this isn't done either(i started like 5 stories and never finished it)..but hope you enjoy anyways :)

Day 1:

My name is Annika Miller and I am 13 years old. I live in a small villiage in Zambia. No im not Zambian,I’m acutally American. Correction:No By American standards im NOT American,I was born in Hong Kong.But I’m white and everything. My parents are missionarys for our church,That I’ve never been too,Back in New york. I have a older brother named Kyle,he’s 19 and he was born in Rome,Italy, and a little sister named Clair,shes 7 and was born in New york. I’ve been to America maybe 2 times? We have been in Zambia for one year. It’s hot and sticky here,I wish we could move but dad said not anytime soon. I gotta go to dinner call(I’ll tell you about that later!)


Day 2:

So I guess I will start off and tell you about Dinner call. At 5 every evening we eat dinner,Not anything fancy,Just food. My friend,Belle,and I went to climb the hills behind the villiage. It was the weirdest thing,we got up about half way up and it started pouring..although that itsn’t the werid part..we saw a man staring at werid! I was drenched and my boots stuck in the mud back at the villiage. Mom was really mad that I ruined my brand new boots. Dad just gave me one of those stern preaches. Kyle and I went picking fruits in the villiage garden. Kyle didn’t say much..he felt bad I got in trouble considering he lost his boots a week ago and have yet to tell anyone.


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