Saturday, June 25, 2011

A letter to my Hero..

it took me some good hard time thinking,i didn't really even know if i had a hero. Then i Decided.... :)

Dear Mom, Sure sure..this sounds cheesy but your the awesome-est mom ever. But you are,You raised me when you were just a teenager when you didn't need to. You stick by me in the hospital and sleep on those uncomfortable wanna-be beds for days on time. You held my hand when i would get pokes by needles,you were there with me through my surgerys and tests. You didn't have to but you did. You help me with my school work when i am really behind,and even earned me a A-!! *we rocked that assignment! :D* I appreciate everything you do for me and the other crazy monkeys that are apprently my siblings *Ha-ha*. I had so much fun when we went to LA =) it was a amazing time. your awesome mom, and happy birthday :) Love, Nichelle =) <3

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