Monday, June 13, 2011

Yup..i Know what i got myself into..

It's in the news.Heard all over your school campus. Even in books.

Equal Marriage.

You get the strong believers that say;No Gay marriage. It's a sin,It's wrong. They start slamming Bible verses down..but have they ever thought of the fact that Jesus said that those who Judge is Equally of sin? No they don't,all they see is a perfectly happy gay couple,and immediately start going "Oh these people are sinning".

My personal Opinion on all of this is,They are not hurting you or others why get upset? there happy,there not going around saying"Man and woman marriage is wrong" are they? so let them be married and happy,let them have a family.

I mean you Hear constantly about teens who commit suicide because someone herd they are gay or lesbian or even Bi,and they were teased merciless. Seriously,to the point they didn't want to be alive anymore. How sad is that? they wont ever get married,have kids whether it is through adoption or what not.They don't get to do there dream job,all because someone felt they needed to tease them because they were gay.

Adult gay couples can receive the same amount of hate. It's sad how people treat others,Shouldn't everyone receive the same amount of equality and be treated the same? Isn't that the reason why we have America to a point? So we could have freedom for religion,so we could have freedom in Law and who rules America? Everyone should be treated the way you would want to be treated,with freedom to do what you want and Equality.

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