Thursday, June 30, 2011

People tell me i'm werid...

I get called weird because i actually LOVE writing. Writing is amazing once you put your heart and everything in it,It's a new place to be. One day you could be a pirate fighting off people,then you could go find a cure for cancer and then go to france. You could do anything and everything with writing.

Writing can also be an outlet,If i'm feeling upset i will make a event in my charaters life upsetting. If im feeling Happy well then duh! I'm gonna write something happy. I can put my feelings,my words that I can't express into words onto paper. It's where I can express myself,be myself.

But i always get that fear..what if i'm not good enough? what if Only i can see these dreams? I feel Like whatever i do,whatever i write i will always be put down for it. I feel like I can't ever be a perfect writer and that what i write is just suck-ish. I guess I'm just having one of those "Vent" posts but whatev..

Writing isn't a chore for me,It's a dream. Plain and simple,I'm gonna make it big,I'm going to be a inspiring author. I will be. :)

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