Friday, August 5, 2011

A dream come trueee!

We are back!! The trip was just amazing from start to finish so lest start at the begining of the trip :)

DAY ONE:Day started bright and early at 3:00 AM! we were all very anxious to get to the Limo and get on the plane. The limo arrived and we drove in style :) It was a long day with secruity lines and the flight but we got to Dulles about 6:30 on the road at 7(rental car.) We got lost on the way To DC,of course XD haha. We checked in and guess what? We were treated like VIP! like they were expecting us and everything. :D We then went and attempted to find somewhere to eat found a subway and called it a night.

DAY TWO:Our day started early by WALKING to Madame Tussaud's musuem..such a long walk in the humid weather they have.We then went to Ford's theater. Such a amazing site,so Earie though. Lunch involed Hard Rock,and we watched Taylor's Opening band,Hunter Hays,Perform. Our Mid-Atlantic Wish person met us at the Hotel to drive us in the Limo to Clyde's for a early dinner. They were really good! We then walked to Verizon..yes more walking this time wasn't as much XD We had some Major issues with tickets that wasn't so Major afterwards but it cut our meet and greet short and just the fact we were with contest winner -_____________- BUT! We met Taylor Swift! She was reallllly cool,and totally nice. It was short,but amazing. She is super cool too! We then watched the concert and let me say! SHE is AMAZING,okay i'm sure you knew that but her concerts are just SO cool. Then we drove back to the hotel after the exciting night :D

DAY THREE:I'm getting tired so this is short and sweet and will be more dtaild but it involve..walking in the capitol mall getting soaked and Arlington..

Continued:So we started our morning by going to Arlington..that was quite the adventure. It was SUPER humid that day
so we were all hot but it was just crazy being there. We saw JFK's Grave,The tomb of the unknown Soldier, and Misc. graves and memorials. After that we Drove to Maryland for lunch at Bugaboo creek. They were pretty good(totally forgot what i got o.o) We were gonna go to American History Museum but we ran out of time. So we wnt to out hotel and rested untill like 6 when we left to go to Captiol Mall. It was really cool being there and then it started pouring! haha it was actually nice though becuase it was really humid before. Then we got straned with No cab to go home in and i was starting to feel sick so that was interesting(we needed a Van cab which is not exactly easy to get) a hour later we got one though and went back to the hotel to pack and shower!

DAY 4:this is short..last day long flight..lost baggage..ya know the usual ;) haha we did get Anna's carseat back(went on wrong plane in LAX go figure:P )

das ist alles!

It was really amazing trip,It was just SO cool to be in DC and i love it there..even if it is humid. ;)
NOW for the long list of thank yous and words i should have said to Taylor swift but Really didn't get the chance..maybe she will see this? Maybe..ya never know. :) Ready? Set..GO!

OKAY so i want to say thank you to:Make A wish for even making this happen,without them this wouldn't have happend,of course my Parents for coming,Mah docs for doing the paperwork,and Taylor swift for meeting me!

Kind words to Taylor that may Reach her in time!:I know i told you Thank you like 6 Billion times,but once again..Thank ya! It was amazing to meet you,and truly a dream come true. And maybe when i become a Jornilist i can do like a Interview on you or something of that sort! Now that would be totally Boss!! Anyways back on track,You are so cool and like I said it was a dream come true to Meet you and i will forever remember that moment when I met you,the Same person who i would listen to while i was in the Hospital,the same person who i remember watching a Documentary about. And I am truely gratful that you took the time to meet me!PS:I was enchanted to meet you Taylor ;)

BAM! that was a long post :) okay that is really all! haha

PS:You should listen to this ;)

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