Saturday, August 27, 2011

Random short story-not done-

I sat in the back of the familys small little White van,lisening to dad go on and on about the familys history. I was on my way to Aunt Milli,shes really mu great aunt. She lived 2 hours from the biggest city,St.Louis,which is quite a fre hours from our home in Miami Florida.

“Son,our names connor has been in the family since your great grandpa!...” My dad said as he trailed off into random family facts about how our family has been living in Aunt milli’s house since before the civil war. We drove along a bumpy gravel road intertwining with trees. My dad braked and yelled in a cheerful voice,”We’re here!”

I stepped out,My Blue backpack hanged on my shoulder. The house was creepy looking,Large plants along the porch,chipped paint. It looked like it was haunted.

“My goodness! Look at you connor!.” I Herd a old lady cry. It was my aunt milli. I hugged her quickly,then she left with my luggage. My dad bent down to my level,and said in a soft voice. “Now son,be good this summer,as soon as we get to Germany we will call you okay?”

Tears stung my eyes,”Dad,mom! Don’t leaveee!” I cried.

“Connor,you could have went to Camp Mohawk this summer but you said no.” My mom said. It was true,I could have went but I didn’t want to deal with Paul one of the kids there. He always made fun of me cause I was chubbier then everyone else.

I cried and ran into the dark,cool house. I went into a random room,which looked like a office. I slouched against the door and cried. Suddenly,a book probably my age popped up behind a bookcase.

“Who are YOU?” he asked.

“Wha-huh? I..I’m Connor.” I stammerd.

“Hiya connor. Your aunt millie told me about you coming. I’m Josh! She took me in a few months ago after my parents split and left for England.”

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