Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feeding tube awareness week!

It's feeding tube awareness week! and although i dont have one A.I did have 2 at one point when i was admitted and B. So many of my friends do!!

Imagine if you woke up morning and couldn't eat without extreme pain and throwing up?

Imagine getting a tube pushed down your nose.

Imagine getting a tube placed into your stomach.

Imagine Never eating again.

So many of my friends deal with this. When i had my 2 NGs it wasnt *that* big deal because One was for Go-lytly and the other for Venting so it was only for a few days. But my friends have had theres for years. YEARS!!!

Where your only nutrion is Baby type formula through a bag that pumps into your stomach.
Sometimes people can't even handle Feeds so they have a Line placed into a major artery for TPN and/or Fluids.

It's time to make awareness for Feeding tubes and the reasons to get them Including Gastroparesis,Crohn's,Anoxreia(Eating disorders in general),Malnutrion,Premeture birth, cancer the lists goes on and on.

Please watch this video:

And "Like" this facebook page and show your suport!!

PS: I love my tubie friends XD

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