Saturday, February 26, 2011

3 Part story

I'm just gonna do a background on this trilogy no excerpts yet.

First book:

Title: i don't know yet :P

this is going to be a diary of a young 13 year old girl ( Brooke) whos family is a average family. Her father is a simple buiness man. her mom a stay home mom. the thing with America although this diary takes place in the 21st century, the world is very old-fashioned while high tech at the same time. Yeah that didnt make sense to me either. but basicly what that means, is the US is still in a 50's type mode,But at the same time these people are gonna be more High-tech then we are now. there is going to be discoverys i dont even know if are possible. But back to the point,it is just a diary of a girl. It is going to be about her secret crush, and all the feelings she has after the nuclear bombing.

Second Book:
Title: Walking in the dust
this is about a boy,Kyle, who lives 100 years after brookes diary. He is going on a long journey to Washington DC, to find this book that can change life and make it easier after a nuclear war. He meets friends enemys etc.

third book:
TITLE: finding hope.

This i cant say much because it will ruin the second book. but it is about getting the book and finding it :P

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