Saturday, February 26, 2011

Running for love

I was always healthy as a child,hardly sick always on my feet. Track was my life everything I did in life was about track. I was running in the countys track champioships when Coach Dave came to me,” Nick, you want to run the 100 Yard dash?” I instantly jumped up I’ve been training for this. As I was running with all my strength right around the 20 yard mark I started feeling funny. I didn’t rember anything till I woke up it was dim wherever I was. My arm was stinging, I looked down I saw a mess of tape and tubes. I saw someone get up by me. I turned my head who is that? I was wondering. I saw the man and a young doctor come in. the Man was my dad, my dad hasn’t been part of my life for the past 3 years so I was taken back by this. He sat down and startd looking at his golf magazine. The doctor came and patted my leg as if I would break if she patted me harder. “ Nick, You are very sick.” She said in a smooth velvet voice. “ well I can just take a pill and go back to track right?” I said in a shakey voice, I didn’t realize how weak I really was.” No Nick you can’t im truly sorry to say but you have ALL leukemia.” Her and my father left while my hysterical mother came in. she was hugging me tight. It didn’t hit me that I had cancer until that night I sat in the hosipital bed crying and crying, my mom tried to comfort me but nothing could I was scared.

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