Saturday, February 26, 2011


*Jessica was Diagnosed with cancer this is Mid-book*

I held my white hosipital bag,it heald my diary and all the things my dad brought for me. When we got to the entrence our familys Van the sun felt warm on my pale cold skin. It felt great to be outside,I wanted ot run and jump and skip but I could hardly walk. When I got home and sat on my bed it felt amazing to be back everything felt so werid to look at. My cat Moshi came and sat on my bed. I stroked her fur and said “ did you miss me?” a meow was all I got,”I’ll take that as a yes!” Cole stepped in “ mom says it is time to eat.” “ tell her I don’t wanna eat” That was the last thing I wanted to do,my stomach felt heavy and nauseaos. “ Jessica, are you Okay?” His innocent 7 year old face made me smile, “ yes I will be okay. Don’t worry.” I said with a smile and I actually believed it. After he told my mom my mom came running ot my room,” are you Okay? Does everything feel okay?” “ yes mom,I’m fine! I just don’t want to eat..” At that moment I threw up in the bucket beside my bed. She grabbed her cell phone to call Dr. Drake.

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