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December 5,1941
It was a snowy,cold morning when i woke up. Of course i woke up early for it was my 13th birthday! I ran down our wooden stairs to the living room where mum,dad,Amit,and adam greeted me. In front of my face was a wonderul display of a warm breakfast,flowers nd presents! Mum got me this,the most wonderful diary ever! Dad got me golden nib pen with purple ink and black ink. It writes wonderfully. Amit,my older sister,got me a boquet of roses with a box of germen candys. yum! Adam,my younger brother,gave me a new yellow dress with a bow to match. It was wonderful morning,but i really must get going to school.

December 7,1941

Wow! What a day I had on my birthday. At school my best friend, Abbie Waited for me with the most beuitful locket. It was gold and a gold chain and inside the heart was a picture of us on our first day of school this year. On the other side engraved was Abbie+Leah Best friends. Her father is handy with Jewarly so he probably helped with the engraving. Headmaster, Avi had a crème donut for me. Peter ,the most handomsest boy in my class, Had a single rose for me. Peter Rein is such a Gentleman. Sadly when I got home that day,I found out some terrible news. Our neighbors, the Zinns were taken away by the germens. It’s so horrible,they had 3 kids a 17,13 and a 9 year olds. I pray to god that they will be safe and we’re not next. Food and money is tight. I went with mum to go get some food,The germens barely gave us anything. I mean like we haven’t had a decent pastery in months! Mum says I shouldn’t complain so much,the people in the camps suffer far more then we do. But how shall I not? Dad gave me sad news also today, I wont be having my Bat mitzvah till after this war. I know it makes snese,its dangerous to even speak Yiddish! I cant wait till after this war.

Leah reiss.

December 11,1941

Today was a exciting day. Harry,my dad's friend son,Came from England to Amsterdam! We had a english dinner,which wasnt very good considering we didn't have enugh food to make it strech so Amit added flour Ick! Anyways,We talked over dinner and enjoyed ourselfs. Harry always brings presents and this time was not a exception. Dad got a blue tie,it was silk and soft! Mum,got a beutiful broach. Amit,a green dress,Adam a Toy airplane. Last but not least,Me He gave my dad a hundred dollars. What for? A wonderful wooden desk! After harry went to stay with grandma Belle,His grandma, me and dad went across town to Jewish furnitures to get it. It is a wonderful oak color. Abbie and her family has run across hard times,They can hardly afftord anything. The neighborrhood shares as much rations as we can but it isn't enough. Abbie looks skinnier and skinnier everyday,and her poor baby brother frankie,is soo tiney.

Omi,Grandma,came today before Harry did. She looks so sick ever since Opa,grandpa,died. I worry about her and her health. I begged dad to let live with us,I'm sure being with her family will make her better but dad said we jut dont have enough money. When will this war end? It's grabbing lives quicker then we can save.

December 13,1941

Today was a scary day! Adam,amit and I walked to school like always,Its only a few blocks away. As we walked we came across a burned building. Abbie stood there in schock, I asked her what had happend. she said,that the germens burned it down and we wil be forced to do schooling at home or walk across town the the Jewish school. I was so shocked,I dont want to walk across town!

this is all i have so far so enjoy

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