Sunday, April 10, 2011

Walking in dust PAGE 1 AND 2

As I look across the horizon the sun glistened. Each step I took I became more and more nervous.

I looked down at my plate as my rusty fork clanked against my plate. “Kyle what is wrong?”

“What is wrong? Seriously pop i’m eating processed mush! I’m so tired of this dad. Life is getting harder and harder.” “Son, I know. But we need to make the best of it. “Yea dad whatever.” As I laid down the scratchy cot that laid in my family’s shack I thought about that book that a trader Ol’ Jim was talking about. He said it was located in the DC ruins, and that this book could change everyone’s life. I sat up in my cot, I look at ma and pop and Taylor sleeping. Could I really leave them? I stood up, my cot squeaking as I did I froze. I didn’t want to wake them up. I slowly walked to our “Kitchen” and I picked up a brown dust bag. I threw in a plate and silverware along with my old Johnny Rocket mug from when I was 6. I then went to the old cupboard; it creaked as I opened it. I kept panicking that my parents or Taylor would wake up. I looked inside and I grabbed my jacket and a few other things. I stepped outside, It was pitch black the only I could see besides my flashlight and out shack was the city, Paradise falls. I’ve never been there ma always said that it is no place fit for a kid like me. Well I was about so show her. I looked down the small hill we lived on to the cracked and broken streets, I figured I would be there by sun up.

When I finally got to Paradise falls it was about 6 AM, I saw an old man walking along the streets with a pistol. I couldn’t decide if I should approach him. I finally got the nerve I figure if he shot me then I don’t have to make that long walk to DC. I walked towards him when all of a sudden he turned around; his face was covered in wrinkles. He looked very old “Uh sir I need some help. Can you help me?” “Uh what? Hey you there! It isn’t safe to be here. What are you doing here?” he said in an old worn out voice. “Uh well sir I just came form that shack” I said as I pointed to where our little shack is, It looked like a dot form down here. “That old shack? It’s been abandon for years! Now tell me the truth. Are one of them raiders of the wasteland?” “No sir. It hasn’t been me and my family has been living there since I was born. Now I need you to tell me how to get to DC.” “DC? Now why would you want to go there? All it is ruins. Sure there’s a couple of old’ buildings but nothing excited now Vegas is where it is at!” Now I had enough teaching from Wonderers that Vegas was completely bombed and there was nothing, except for a few Raiders camps. “Sir just tells me is there anyone here in town that can help me?” “Oh yes. Go see Sue Black.” Glad that was, I walked towards the Saloon. As I walked in I got a huge whiff of Whiskey and smoke, I nearly gagged. I walked in towards the young girl who was serving drinks. “Well now that is something I don’t see every day. A new face. Where’d u come from?” “Uhh from that shack up on the hill.” I replied. “Ah... that dumps. Now you’re a little young to drink. Now I guess that isn’t my business.” She mumbled under her breath. “I’m not here to drink, although that would be interesting. I said hoping she would get the humor. “I need to find Sue black. Like now.” let me guess old man Harris told you about her? She’s been dead for three years. He lost his marbles when she died. Sue was his wife.” “Are you serious?? I need to get to DC! Like As soon as possible. Is there anyone that can help me?” “Now calm down there. First off what’s your name? I’m Ashley. My folks run this. They make me work though, kind of a punishment for running off with my boyfriend for a week.” She said as she rolled her eyes. “I’m Kyle and I don’t have time for chit chat I need to find a way to DC.” “Ok. Jason could help you. He was an Ex-Wonderer his parents walked the wastelands. Now I don’t guarantee anything, but he could help a little i'm sure.” “Ok where can I find this Jason guy?” “Blue building across the street. See yak later.”

I walked out, Ahh fresh air I said to myself. I looked across the street Old man Harris was still stalking the dirt road. I wondered why he did it. I wonder what happened to this town. I went to the blue house, it wasn’t to blue it was chipped and looked like it would fall apart If I poked it. I knocked on the door,as I did so I felt a splinter stab me. I looked at my dirty hand as I pulled out he splinter. “ Ouch.” I said to myself. Then suddenly a middle aged man showed at the door. “ hello. How may I help you?” “ I’m here to see Jason.” I said with confidence. “ Uh yeah okay, wait a second.” “ Jason! Come down here. By the way, Im Pete his dad what do you need him for?” “ I need to find out how to get to DC” I said just as a blond yound teen came to the door.

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