Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I'm doing a writing project,i want to publish this novel "Breathe" and half of my royaltys go to CFF. It's a story of Emily(CF-er) and Her brother Travis. It's a working project!


Everyday like clockwork I come home from school to see my snack,always bologna and pepper sandwhich,on the counter and Emily,my sister, sitting in the living room with The beetles blasting loud and Her doing her breathing treatment. Emily and I are twins,We both have blond hair,we both are 15,but she Has cystic fibrosis and well I just got Asthma. She has been fighting it since we were born,When I was little i never really understood it. I mean I knew she had to go to the hospital and not to touch that vest and all of that. I remember when ma Told me what Cystic fibrosis really was,I was only 8.

"Honey." she said as she gestured for me to sit down. "Your sister has a disease,It filler her Lungs mostly up with thick Mucus,You know what that is?" I nodded.
"As you know she has to take lots of med to help her breathe.."

"Hey Emily,I'm home." I yelled over the small wall that seperated the living room from the kitchen.

"I-I know. Can you get me my Vest." She said as she coughed.
I went to the linen closet to find it. It was heavy and thick,How can she wear this? I already knew that answer-She has to.
As She snapped on the vest I took her nebulizer to clean out. I may be 15 but i might as well be her caregiver. Our father left before we were even born,all we know about him is that He lives in New york and He sends a few thousand dollars a month to pay for us. Mom works hard to take care of us,We live in a shabby house in the middle Texas so it's cheap rent but she still has to pay Emily's medical bills and all of the house bills. It sucks.

"Is everything ok Emily?" I asked.
"Yeah,Peachy." Her voice viberating with the Vest as it shook her skinny,frail body.

I shrugged as I chowed down on my sandwhich and gulped down a pepsi.

"So,Hows the real life?" Emily asked,She's been homeschool all her life. Too much of a risk to go to school i guess.

"Alright. Biolgy sucks like always. PE Is horrible." I said.

"heh,fun." she said as another cough fit crept up on her.

“You okay?” I asked although that was a dumb question.

She nodded.



One. Two. Three. I count mentally as a Inhale my new Inhaler. Exhale.

I sat down at the table where travis was doing his homework and I opended my laptop.

“I hate Algebra.” I said.

“Yeah? Well ya better get used to it.” Travis said as he laughed.

I just rolled my eyes as I started my home studies for the day.


God,what kind of formulas are these? I worked through them though and eventually finished.

“Done!” I exclaimed.

“Good.” Travis muttered under his breathe

I plopped down on the couch and turned on my favorite show,Friends.

As I singed along with the opening song the phone rang.

“Can you get that Emily?” Travis yelled

I picked it up.”Hello?”

“Hi Em-It’s me mom.”

“Hi Mom,what’s up?”

“I just wanted to make sure everything is ok. Also can you tell travis to start cooking the pot roast?” She asked.

“I’m find mom,stop worrying. And ya I’ll tell him.” I’m tired of people always thinking I’m soo “Fragile”,just like my mom does..

“Thanks honey! I’ll be home around 6. Love you!”She said then quickly hanged up

Mom was always busy,It was just her personalality so it didn’t surprise me that she hanged up so quickly. I glanced out the front windows in time to see Mrs.Walters walking her huge great dane and laughed to myself to see what a silly sight it is for a 75 year old woman walking a huge dog like Buster.


When I was 7 years old and Emily was admitted,I had to stay with grandma and grandpa. That wasn’t the issue since there way cool. But my issue was the fact that Ma never called,Emily was admitted for 2 weeks that time and I never heard from them. My point is that Ma has neglected her healthy child,and at times her sick one too. Ma has a issue with working,she works 3 jobs. A job at the school district,a cashier at Bob’s antique store and a florist at Mercy children’s. She’s never home much,so it didn’t surprise me when she texted me:

Wont be home tonite. Make sure Emily does her treatments,

Make Pot roast and taters for din din. Luv ya,Mom.

As irritating it was that this is the third night she wont be home till late,it made me laugh how she “tried” to speak in text language.

“Emily,Mom wont be home tonight. Want pizza?” There was no way I was going to make pot roast.

“Hawaiian please. Also make sure you get Diet pepsi this time!” She yelled.

I dialed Domino’s number,they knew me by now by name.

About a half hour later our pizza came,And I sat down to eat.

“Did you get your pills?”I asked Emily.

“Yeah.” She mumbled.

“Hey listen a girl from school invited me to a party tonight,I was wondering if it would be cool if I could go for a few hours?” I asked,knowing I was about to get myself in some deep trouble with Ma,but I couldn’t miss a chance with one of my High school crushes,Becky.

“Uh-Yeah sure. Can you get my equipment ready for me though? I’m sorry,I feel like im such a burden.” She said.

“Hey! Your not a burden,if you were I would have told you. Please don’t think you’re a burden.” I said with a smile. “Don’t worry,I’ll get everything ready for you.”

She smiled back as she munched down on a Bufflo wing.

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