Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I will never forget that day(W.C)

I will never forget the day I picked up that peice of paper. Who Knew such simple words hurt people so much? the words read:
One who read this,is the true chosen person
~J.R P.

My name is Tyler,Tyler Maren. I live in a small town in main,population? 30. six of those people are my own family too. There's not much to do so it's not my fault i went snooping around Mr.Oswald's home. Everyone knows in the town of Brindsfield that he is a Creep. I mean there was that case in 2007 where little 7 year old boy,Mikey,went to Mr.oswald's house to sell cookies and never came back. Nobody ever arrsted him,not enough evidence. They never did find Mikey...

Somebody told me Mr.Oswald went out of town for the week,it was a perfect oppertunity. I'm not sure what i was thinking at the time,guess i wasn't. But as i walked tht familiar paved road up to his small house,flashbacks flashed through my mind. I shook the horrors out of my brain.
Plants were overgrowing onto the sidewalk and the porch was cracking and falling apart.
"go figure,the house is over 80 years old." I said to myself.

I jiggled the handle on the door. Locked. I went around back through those same familar bushes,that smell. Smell of day old lasanga. Once i got through that jungle of bushes i stepped to the back door and tried opening it. Ha-ha! unlocked. I stpped in,oh god. that smell,that smell that i smelled far too often. It choked me and i gagged and got sick on the floor. Oh well.

The house was old and dusty. I walked around for a bit in the dim light,then i saw it. Something my eyes could never unsee,that same sight i saw for so long.

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