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Yellow star

Dear diary, June 14th 1935

Hello! I think I should start by introducing myself,I am Rebecca alon! I live in Berlin, with my mum, pop and sister Anna. It is June of 1935, warm and sticky day out too! Mum had me run to the grocery, but it was so hot and going across street corners are scary for a Jewish person like me.You see, Adolf hitler, the chancler of Germany Hates us Jewish people. So we have to wear yellow stars around, we don’t have Jewish stores anymore. I hate it! I use to go to school with my best friend,Lina,But we can’t anymore for she is not Jewish.

I wish we could move to America,Lina always talks about how happy her brother is in America.

Pop says we are fine in Germany. I herd though that hitler is building Death camps all over Europe. I hope that is false…

I must go now,mum had called me to help serve supper.

For now,

Rebecca Alon

June 16th,1935

Dear diary,

Wow yesterday was amazing!

After lessons,I met this young man,peter, he is jewish too and lives only a few minutes away!

He is so kind. Then he called me up after supper this is how our conversation went!

Peter:hullo Rebecca

Me: Hi peter! (don’t I sound so silly?)

Peter: would you like to come over for supper on Friday night? My parents would like to meet you.

Me: oh yes,that would be lovely. I’ll come over at 5,is that alright?

Peter: yes,I must go now. Goodbye!

Me: bye!

I can’t wait to go! I told Anne and she was so happy for me,her being 2 years older(she is 17),already has a beau. He is alright,kinda awkward and shy. His name is Harry. But I can’t believe that Peter may actually like me. I havn’t told Mum,she would be furious. Mum and I don’t agree on a lot,But that is life I guess. Mum treats me like a small M├Ądchen,But i’m not! I am 15 years old. Speaking of mum,she just came in and told me i must go to sleep. I think i should name my diary,hmm what shall i name you?

Untill next time,

Rebecca alon

June 18th,1935

Dear Mumu,

I have decided to name you mumu!

Friday night was amazing! For supper,they served fresh Challah served with Roasted Lamb and Veggies.

Peter and I went out to his porch and talked for a great deal of time,then came in and talked with his parents. His parents are very kind,just like peter. His father is the Rabbi at our local Synagogue.

My night took a turn for the worst though as soon as I came home. Mum was so angry at me all because I didn’t put away the rest of her homemade Begals,she made earlier. She sat there and screamed at me for a good 5 minutes only for papa to come and say”honey,you never asked her to do it..”

Can you believe that!! She yelled at me for doing something she was gonna do. But that’s how it is with mum,she yells at me for the most childest things. I wish I could just make her happy,I mean she adores Anne because Anne is just like Mum,perfect. I wish I could make mum happy..i guess I’m just feeling sorry for myselg so I’m gonna go to bed



June 19th,1835

Dear mumu,

I’m in a much better mood,I guess you could say. But the germans is getting worse,A officer came today to take all of our bikes. I sat in my room crying,I am so upset. Oma got it for me on Hannaka,one of the best gifts I could have received besides the locket papa got me.

Lina and I went to the Oasis ice parlor,but as soon as the owner saw our yellow stars we were kicked out. We can’t go anywhere anymore! Peter called me again,it was even better this time! Him and I,are going to the park tomarow evening. I’m so excited,it will be so grand! The saddest thing happened last night,there was a young family in our area,the Reins. They got deported last night with hundreds of other innocent Jewish familys. It breakes my heart,the rein family was 3 kids(9,6,and 2). Who knows if they will live.. Why must the germens be SO cruel? I over heard Papa talking to mama,I know I know I shouldn’t have,He said we may have to move to a place called Warsaw. I don’t want to move!! I wouldn’t ask my parents about it though because then they would be angry that I was eavesdropping.

I kinda talked to Anne about it but she just told me to “shush”. You don’t think we’ll be move do you,mumu? I’ll have to write later now though.


June 15th,1935

Dear Mumu,

Wow I have written in a great while! I’ve been horribly sick with a fever of some sort.

It started with a headache and mum gave me some tea for it,but then it got worse into a fever,runny nose and a horrible cough. Everything hurt,Anne nursed me while papa was at work and mum was attending to the house. But alas,I am better now! I went to the park to sit out a while since I’ve been cooped up for a long while. I sat under the warm sun thinking,seeing all the ‘normal’ german children playing about in the playground. I was thinking how cruel it is that we can’t enjoy the same goods as everyone else. Then a young boy interrupted my thoughts. Little did I know it was a hitler youth..

He was very rude and accused me of hiding my identity just because he couldn’t see my star. This is how the diaglouge went:

Him: Jew,Why aren’t you wearing your star?!

Me: It is right.I said as I pointed to my blouse

Him: I should be able to see it as a glimpse,I ought to turn you into the Gestapo. Hmp..

Me: No,please! It has been here the whole time,I was never hiding who I am.

Him:you better be happy I’m in a good mood today or else you would be on your way to the Gestapo!

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